Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sovereignty and Security; leviathan: Objections and Reactions about the article

Sovereignty and Security: leviathan, Thomas Hobbes

In his article, Sovereignty and Security, Thomas Hobbes explores, in general, the approach of the significance of the social order and contract. First, he portrays the society where there are any rules neither law in which everyone can do whatever he wants according to his reasons, passions, of which he calls the “state of nature”. Therefore, this will lead to a tremendous disorder, war, conflicts against people each other in the way that one will seek to annihilate others and interfere on his liberty in the purpose of competition, distrust, and the seeking of his own value of glory. However, in order to prevent all those problems; there is really a need of a sort of as the central and common power authority that shall be sovereign regard to which everyone will transfer some his rights, liberty, and trust for the fear of violence and the need of peace and safety; the prospect he calls as the “social contract”.
In his approach, he makes some points regarding the difference between rights and law in term of nature by which; he states the right relying on liberty of actions and the law from the rules and reasons that may limits that liberty. He suggests that any sort of ways used by human to protect their own rights and liberty should also based in considering and respecting also those of others as well in some way reciprocal; that is why he mentions the law of Gospel.
It is interesting that the disposition of the world and society today shapes its origins from this philosophy of the “social contract” stated by Thomas Hobbes. It is obvious that such an organization, society, nations, community where there are multitude of people but living without any leading power or system; the expectations is to see what I can signify as anarchy, disorder, and lack of coherency neither a stable integration between people. Because, the rules of law regulated by the authority or the leaders defines how people should behave each other, undertake their activities with any interference to those of others; it is like to create harmony so that everyone could understand how the society is organizing and functioning itself. But, in fact, to think carefully on those perceptions as described by the author, it is to mention that, although the presence of an authority power to promote rights and laws that all the people will be required to follow for the social order, there is no such a full guarantee that this power will protect the law and right at all and provide a full safety of people; because imperfections, carelessness, or mismanagement will always take place; even if the authority cannot really abuse to the power but there will still be some people in some places claiming and raising voices for their security, justice, and liberty which they feel are threatened in some cases. To illustrate some, there are issues in Africa where some authorities are unable to make available the security of people; others are cannot even promote rules of law and sometimes encourage the injustice and impartiality between. Moreover, others are not in the way to prevent impunity from the laws.
In overall, the existence of laws, rights, and the leadership is for the great stature and necessity for humans in the society. At least, On the other hand, the question and the concern is to know whether this might perfectly safe guard the society in every circumstances and situations so that the security, liberty, and safety could not be as factors of some preocupations by some people.

Friday, September 12, 2008

What is blocking the development and the democracy of africa?

It has always bee a stuggle for african to reach the ideal of democracy; in everytime, poticlas leaders, religious leaders, and others organisations talk about democracy and developement in differents perspective, visions, conceptions and beliefs. but what to ask is why the those ultime ideals have problem to be fulfilled?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The school, a place of the integral training of human

The concern of many parents is to ensure the intellectual education of their children, and they have the hope by doing so, they are preparing the future and the path for their children. School, a interesting way to shape the life and the intellectual of someone; although it is not really as an obligation to pass through neither the main key of success in life but it is at least important to pass by in order to strengthen its human abilities. Actually in some parts of in the world, people, governemnts, and others social organisations are struggling to decrease the high rate of alphabetization by helping children and some adults with important instructions to help them improve their intelligence and being worth in the society. On the other hand, school has not been always the passion and the dream for everyon; for some people it is boring with too many things to do, better to stay home and find out others things to succeed with in life.

In today's world, the passage on the bench of school give a person a certain consideration where he will find himself because people would assume and presume that you know something and you are able to make things better. the school is the sacred passage for life the life of person and the great experience in which he can live. Going to school open a person's mind to the knowledge of the world issues and evolution; as we go to school there are amount of differents subjects corresponding to the social life that we learn from. each categories represent an important part that contribute to our personnal knowlegde. we acquire knowledge related to the economie, businness, science, journalism, engeneering, behavior, moral, history, geography, social science, litterature, health; as seen but no way to mention all the sibjects because the list might be too long but at least regarding all those topics we see that school help us to respond the world problem and needs and to deal with that. Further, we not only get like intellectual training in school but also social integration and responsability because as it may be noticed, there are some people whom in their in life are shy but the school may help to socialize by being with friends sometimes and doing homework or some tasks together. school give us the opportunity to improve our speaking style and teach us how to speak in public or in front of people, it shows us the way to follow for the moral behavior and human ethics, its values are well recognized by people in the world as helpful for a person for solving the world needs, life, and the society.

However, although some people may claim that the school is not the synonym of success in life but they are ignoring that there are some issues in the wolrd and life or some functions which can only be handled by applying the school knowledges as basis. Again it makes people responsable; an example for a student who live on campus and far away from his family, he or she tries to control and to lead his or her life with a sense of responsability of his own actions in daily school life. the school time fortify our personality in the way that it fortify the human intelligence and thoughs to make him able to make such a judgement, critics, analysis about something. In one word the school is a great path to take someone out from ignorance and mediocrite to excellence.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The great surprise

February 22,22 years old and 22 bottles of champagne have been popped to celebrate the birthday of the guy. Many friends come to wish , to enjoy the party for sharing friendly together. In that day, when they were informed that the class was cancelled because of the weather condition, the crowd of people wanted to see their friend to spend time with him, then while IN midnight of 21 to 22 february came they popped champagne, they sang, and wish the best for the birthday of their beloved friend. He got a speech to thank his friends, he remembered about his parents back home as they are the ones who created his birth. they had fun until the party was over and everybody were supposed to go back to his house for resting.

Even though this ,that is was just the beginning because, they were warned before since two weeks from the brother of the guy who was celebrating his birthday that they have to make him a surprise, however he was not told about that even if he was talking to his friends, but those ones did not tell him that secret about the surprise; in which they were preparing for him. As the event was coming, it was about to meet somewhere in that friday of 22 february; in the house of one friend for celebrating that moment. In the morning, the concerned guy was sending text messages to all of friends to tell them to meet in the evening in his place for his birthday, unfortunately, the friends and the brother of the guy had others plans for surprising; they told him to join them somewhere else just for some minute but neverthless they will be back to the house to celebrate.

Therefore, first of all some friends and the brother left the house before and they went to join others who have already been in the place that the party was supposed to take place, then they ask one of the friend to come with the guy. while going to the place, the other friend who came with the guy knew about the event and what was going on but he could only kept secret as they were all told to do so, agan he was keeping in touch with others friend so that he could let them know where they arrive before getting the place so that they could be prepared about the surprise. arriving at place awww!!! all the crowd friends were already gathered and ready to welcome the guy, they all stood looking at straight to the door, as a result, when they see the guy entering they all shouted again happy birthday!! happy birthday! while two of them held a birthday cake to present to the guy. It was a great moment never to forget about by the guy and this is how the party started with music, wishes of the best and pictures. That is to say that friends are sometimes interesting some circumstances and occassion and the guy strongly realise again their importance. In the of this they is about myself.

Busy man once again busy

The life is designed in the the way that there are always activities and things to do to satisfy people needs or accomodate the life style and the social principles, thus, those fact get human being involved in the evolution , organisation, and functioning of the society. Again busy man once again busy, underlining this concept is to observe the human actions. however, it is apparent to see how in the morning people wake and each of them tend to do what he is supposed to be doing, for example, students often go to school every morning and the same for pupils to; in the same order teachers come the establishemnts (scholars and universitary) to teach, and at the end students will be sometimes given the homework or such assignement to do, which will get tem busy. In the order hand, teachers also busy for preparing class teaching by taking his organise the course. therefore, no one is empty.

The life is relied on the succesion of the activities that, once again, do not take exempt people to be a participants. people are going to school from their younger age, passing all the level of education for running for a degree for almost five years, and after that, they will need job opporunities, or work to fulfill their needs. further, all social status is noticed by such activity, for instance, merchants, trader, commercant,.etc. each progress regarding their business; and also parents preoccupied for the well being of their children and are required to have an activity to feed them, dress, and educated them, statemen, responsable, governor always busy for improving the life condition of the population. similarly for police officers, in their daily work of overlooking the security and maintaining public order.

Indeed, the society has no rest, daily and daily , there is no way that people are not always busy because can be showed for researchers who work deeply and time to time in order to give evidences and some facts about the evolution of the world. In short, without any sort of occupation what to do? that's why human are always busy, even sleeping he is busy for that sleep for resting and in the free time even, watching TV, doing some sport, reading or relaxing; all of this describe how busy depends on circumstances.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Not only the society exists but the rules also..

oh..laws and principles...who created law and enforce that? in every people's environment and where all the humans are living, there are laws, principles that determine and lead their daily life. a society without law enforcement and presence, it is more likely to be dead because there would be such a disorders, misconduct and difficult to control as anything is recommended to define the community.

Actually, in our human society, we are submitted to the laws, and principles. in the family, father and mother or sometimes elders establish some rules, which must be obeyed by all the children in order to maintain the family harmony discipline. Again in our own life, we also use rules and principles to help us organizing ourselves, as an illustration for people who say that they do not like drinking beer, going out, studying at night or during the day, being disturbing while sleeping..etc, that's how we live in the society. Also, in school or in the college we are also exposed to the rules set by the authorities so that the misconduct or disorientation could not be occurred, again, teachers for their courses and programs present to student their routine and requirements for them to respect, and make sure to keep in mind so that the irregularities and irresponsibilities could be avoided.

It is difficult to live away from principles, because they are around us, both morally and physically, we deal with that, we complain the way they are handle by those who conceive that, we are being caught, suspended, arrested, failed because of not considering and breaking that in some times. As matter of fact, even the God gave us principles to live with and practice that to be in accordance with him; the country, in their turn provided laws and principles as the path to control,lead, assure people's security and their good. Anyway, even people who establishes rules, and principles are also some time to be found themselves caught or punished from the same issues they put on. In fact, everywhere, whenever, the life's rules surround us in different ways and circumstances. however, due to that, we need just to evaluate how are we leading our life day to day, is it conforming to ourselves, others, and the society's rules?...that's the way to wonder...because we make law and principle and they often make us too in return....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tops and Bottoms in the Social Realities

The life has so many realities which are difficult to understand. why does there is poor and rich people, why there are intelligent people and the other side there are idiot, while others are enjoying, others are crying. it's difficult to understand those phenomenon of life. many people are trying to think about the problem and the ideas are dropping every day and every time of the life to resolve the issue of the society. in life there is no social equality, because rich people are dominating poor people, if you are wealthy, you are gaining esteem from people, they easily welcome to you in their house with more consideration, they often come to visit, they give a privilegie seat in the circumstances of such event, but which is contrary for poor people, less percentage of consideration in the society, seldom being visited by people in the interest to find nothing, unless they can be in the same standing of life or close friend real friend whatever the circumstances.

In the world, society, and community, the social statut has a great impact where people are living. that's why some are only counting on what they have, while others struggling every day to change their conditionS in order to live a better life, moreover, there are also some who left from the good situation to a bad one, the reason are so many depends on the life circumstances. others people if sometimes worse happened, they wonder and ask themselves why is it happened, how is it happened,and how to handle that in order to avoid that in the future, but in others people life under those worse in the life, they give, they become more hopeless, and claim themselves why was born so that he could encounter those sort of situation. therefore, let's live our life as we live regardless situation. is good come over, let's enjoy and thanks god, if not keep living by considering yourself as right human that you are able to do things.